Our fight for entrepreneurs, expertise and capabilities are best expressed through the words of our
clients and stakeholders in completed deals:

The Sale of The Administrative Assistants Limited to Pearson

“I want to thank the team from Spara Capital for helping me to achieve the sale of my company, and my succession objectives. It was a job well done, and I’m glad they were on my side to represent the largest transaction of my life!”

Brian Currie  |  Founder,
The Administrative Assistants Limited

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The Sale of Looby Construction to Ellis Don

“A lot has changed through three generations of my family’s ownership and we had a new need for capital and corporate resources. The Spara team had both transaction experience in the construction sector but they also had a process for entrepreneurs which considered all strategic options. I highly recommend the Spara team. They provided sound counsel and brought confidence, experience and tenacity that drove our deal forward.”

Joe Looby  |  President, Looby Construction

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“Spara’s team were effective in working with their client, Looby and our team to keep the deal on track. They are masterful at playing their role as advisor and I know we both appreciated their efforts.”

Geoff Smith  |  CEO, Ellis Don



The Sale of Herbal Magic to Trivest Partners

“It was important to us that the sale process was handled in a professional manner and that the Company and our employees were treated fairly by the purchaser. Spara was able to find a solution that met with both my personal goals and objectives and those of the Company. “

Dieter Decker  |  Co-Founder,
Herbal Magic Systems International



The Sale of Graff to Penhall

“The decision to sell the business was a difficult and emotional one for me and my family. We engaged Spara to help us in the sale process.  Their involvement included managing the entire sale process for us, but they also helped us out significantly with the emotional aspect of the sale.  Quite frankly, without Spara’s involvement, I don’t think that I would have gone ahead with the sale.  They really did hold our hand through the process.”

Richard Graff  |  President,
The Graff Company Ltd.

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Two-Phase Shareholder Buyout and Recapitalization of Fer-Pal

“If not handled properly, transactions like ours can fall apart and damage long standing relationships due to the sensitivity over both the most serious issues and also what can appear to be the most mundane issues. Spara acted as both a buffer and an objective third party to help us work through all aspects of the transaction and still maintain the strong relationship that we have as business partners and friends. In addition, I was very impressed with how Spara managed the financing process. They added tremendous value with their knowledge and insight of the various capital options and how they negotiated on our behalf.  We are very thankful to the team at Spara Capital for making this happen. They did a great job for us!”

Shaun McKaigue  |  Vice President,
Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.

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Oakville Hydro’s Acquisition of PVS

“Spara Capital used a professional and collaborative approach. Both OHC and PVS were appreciative of Spara’s work to keep us focused on the issues which ultimately led to a smooth closing.”

Scott Mudie  | Vice President,
Oakville Hydro Corporation
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“Spara Capital was instrumental in establishing an aggressive tempo and a fair and pragmatic process that gave me great confidence that this deal was going to close. Spara’s experience, their strong process and tenacity played a big part throughout this transaction.”

Rich Dekker  |  Founder, PVS Inc.
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Shareholder Buyout and Recapitalization of Blackstone Energy Services

“My partners and I had a tricky relationship and I wanted to make sure I approached what could easily have become a volatile situation appropriately. Spara lived up to their reputation as ‘fighters for entrepreneurs’ and kept us all focused on getting a deal done – they were the right choice for me. “

Ryan Duffy  |  Founder,
Blackstone Energy Services Inc.

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