Merchant Banking

Spara Merchant Capital Corp. (“SMCC”) is a private holding company that makes investments in small, privately owned Canadian businesses. SMCC drives growth and development of early stage, privately owned Canadian companies by providing the necessary capital and operational experience to enable rapid growth and scaling. SMCC targets both minority and majority interest investments in businesses with revenues and enterprise values (“EV”) under $5 million.

Targeted Opportunities:

  • Manufacturing, distribution and service companies in all industries other than real estate or oil and gas exploration
  • Emerging growth companies with high scalability
  • Investment of $500,000 to $2,000,000 of growth capital
  • Preferred and Common Equity

Spara Merchant Capital Advantages:

  • Patient growth capital
  • Money and Expertise – we play an active role in the business supporting the founder
  • Leverage our extensive network and resources
  • Minority positions
  • Speed of Execution

Merchant Banking Transactions

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